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Ro Hensley is a digital marketer, community builder & social media manager living in Los Angeles, California.

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With over 10 years in marketing (and related fields) I've acquired a broad range of web marketing & community growth knowledge. I've worked with a diverse range of clients, products, and services but I thrive on the nuts and bolts of community building, content management, and building out social strategies. A lover of all nerdy internet related projects, I'm often considered a social media addict, and a self proclaimed crazy cat lady... but what goes together better than the internet and cats? 

I'm a creative (yet detail oriented) self-starter who thrives in fast paced autonomous environments where I'm given  the opportunity and support to explore & execute large scale projects. My verbal and written communication skills are top notch, thanks to years of working with global remote teams - and leading a few, too.

My experience freelancing for small businesses, and my time spent with various startups through the years, has taught me to be resourceful and imaginative on a small budget in lean environments. 

Consulting, networking, or you tell me.

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